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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 5

Characters: Tony, Marson, Gibbs, McGee, Ziva

Word Count: 1,868

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: fluff. Lots and lots of fluff.

AN: Ugh, sleepy writer is sleepy. I had some issues trying to get a nap in but I got my nap and here I am posting finally! Enjoy.




Slowly stretching his arms over his head before tossing an empty bottle of flavored water away, Tony rubbed at his head and checked his watch with a sigh. “Damn it. Boss, I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere any time soon,” he said. He eyed the way McGee was starting to droop over his keyboard, even with his energy drink in his system and two hours away from actually wearing off. His eyes swung over to the drool and snoring Ziva. “We should stick them in cabs, have them head home and get some sleep. You know how it goes any time McGee hacks while tired.”


“It ends up with him getting the attention of a coven,” a low voice drawled. A tall man with black eyes and long hair walked around the corner and into their area, smiling with just a hint of fang.


McGee straightened up and blinked owlishly. The man chuckled softly. “Elder Marson,” he greeted, surprise coloring his voice, “a pleasure to see you. Why are you here?” he asked.


The now named Marson held up a file and wiggled it. “The information that we have found at the coven so far,” he said, looking to the silent Gibbs.


“Think we can borrow the hacker who found it?” Gibbs asked, standing up and moving around to take the file and scan through it. It was pretty much what they already knew but with a few new details. He knew though that they had been working on it for only a few hours, unlike them.


“I can come in come morning as long as you have a room that is safe for me,” Marson drawled, tilting his head. Gibbs nodded. “Wonderful. For now though, I think young Timothy here must be taken home. You all need some sleep. I believe this is day two of work, yes?” he asked.


Gibbs looked over his exhausted team and nodded, knowing that if they were there, they wouldn’t rest until they were forced to. Which they had done the night before. “You’re right. Take McGee home and make sure he is protected please. Ziva has several items around her home that makes it uncomfortable for any vampire who isn’t an Elder to be near.” He smirked. “And outright painful to be inside of if you don’t have the right counter-protections. I’ll have one of our people take her home so she shouldn’t be need to be watched over.”


Marson stared at Gibbs before hummed. “You fear that he will come after your team yes?” he asked, Gibbs nodding. “I see. Very well, I myself shall take care of Timothy. Come, young one, let us get you home. I shall have someone bring me paperwork for my company to your home so I can work while you sleep.” McGee blushed slightly and nodded, saving his searches and locking everything down so that his work was safe enough.


Packing up, he looked over at Tony and raised an eyebrow. “Are you going to be okay to get home?” he asked.


Tony waved him off. “It sounds as if we’re having to stay with someone, so I’m most likely heading to Gibbs for the night, so no worries,” he said, looking to Gibbs. The man just nodded his head as he to packed up his bag. “I’ll see ya in the morning. See if you can’t bring some new coffee yeah? We’re out of the good stuff,” he said, pulling out some cash and handing it over. “You pass right by coming from your place.”


“Can do,” McGee said, leaving with Marson, letting the other two deal with Ziva. Gibbs sighed and picked up his phone, calling down to the office driving pool. It had been created for those who worked late or took the bus and missed their bus for whatever reason. Or it was just snowing to hard for them to dare take something else.


“Can you send someone up and gather Ziva please?” he asked the person on the other line. The groaned ‘fine’ made him smirk. “I’ll make sure she’s awake and ready to be taken home. Thanks.” Shaking his head, Gibbs looked over at the snickering Tony as he printed out the information he had compiled so far and packed up everything. “You have a change of clothes?” he asked.


Tony blushed slightly and scratched his cheek. “I have a bunch of clothes that I was going to take to the laundromat while my washer was fixed in my trunk,” he admitted. “If you don’t mind me stealing your washer for a few loads, I’ll be good.”


The look from Gibbs just made him chuckle and turn back to his packing as the silver haired man moved around to wake up Ziva. Shoving at her shoulder once, he walked away as she jerked awake, her eyes wide. “Get packed up and head home. Stay inside until your ride gets there to take you into work. Until this is done, we need to stay safe and protected,” he instructed.


Ziva blinked several times before nodding. “Of course, Gibbs,” she said, packing up her own things when a tall male in a simple suit walked out of the elevator, playing with a set of keys. With a nod to the two men, she left with him and headed to the garage with her driver, frowning unhappily at the fact that she would most likely have to go shopping with one of her teammates for the foreseeable future.


Or until Gibbs decided that the danger had left for the moment.


Shaking his head, Tony snorted and finished packing up, including his laptop and two SD cards with all of the information copied onto them. If he couldn’t sleep, he would work on the stuff and see if there was something that popped out at him. Or he would watch Netflix and let his mind wander around for a bit.


Gibbs grabbed the last of his things, making sure the he had his phone and keys. “Alright, let’s go. Is there anything that you need at your place?” he asked, shoving his phone into his pocket.


Tony thought about that question as he hefted his bag up onto his back. “Do you know if I have any laundry soap at your place? Much less anything else? I’m not sure on the levels from last time,” he said. Gibbs thought back to the bag of things that McGee and Tony both kept at his place, just in case a night ran over. Most often than not, the girls would head home while the two men just showered and changed there.


“You should be good on everything. You haven’t been over much since you refilled your things,” Gibbs said. Tony nodded and locked down his desk, watching his computer finish turning off before heading out of the building with Gibbs. He moved his laundry from the trunk of his car to Gibbs’ trunk and locked it down, sliding into the passenger side seat.


Once they were buckled in, Gibbs started the car, pulled out of the space, and headed to his house, feeling the tenseness in his shoulders unravel. All day he had been itching to hide away his people, keep them away from the clear and present danger that Reginald Smith presented. Now that McGee was under the watchful eye of an Elder, Ziva was at home where even he felt uncomfortable, and Tony was with him, under his care.


It made him relax as he drove, still on high alert but noting that Tony was checking his gun and the bullets within, scenting the blessed balls on each of them. Smirking, he handed his gun over once Tony had put his away, getting a knowing look from the man as he took it and checked it to.


“We need to get some more of these bullets I think. Either that or just have a priest come in and mass bless our stock,” he drawled. Gibbs snorted.


“I’ll talk to Elder Marson if his coven knows anyone who will be willing to do that for us. And then work in some donations as thanks for it,” Gibbs said. He pulled out his phone and sent off a text to McGee to ask Marson and then one to Leon about finding room for donations to any priest who came around to bless their bullets, sitting at a light. Tucking his phone away, he continued to drive.


Tony groaned before handing over the gun with a nod. “If I can’t sleep, I’ll come and get it to clean it for you. It’s about that time anyways,” he said.


Gibbs looked at him and snorted. “Try and get some sleep, DiNozzo,” he instructed, Tony smiling and nodding. As they pulled up to the house, Tony sighed and checked his phone, noting that there was still time to order out. Tugging out his personal phone, he unlocked it and pulled up the app for their favorite Chinese place, putting in the usual order with a few extra things to take with them the next day.


Paying, he slid out of the car along with Gibbs, and grabbed his laundry, before heading in behind the other man. He was unsurprised when Gibbs actually locked the door, standing next to him as he swept through the house and checking to make sure Smith hadn’t gotten in. Content that the house was empty, Tony headed to basement where the laundry room was to start his laundry.


He would steam his jacket when he took a shower, Gibbs following after him to lock the windows down there and to sprinkle some of the holy water that he had around. Gibbs smirked as he stared at the bottle and started to sprinkle, amused that since he didn’t kill any donor, the water barely touched him. He had discovered from a fellow Marine that as long as they didn’t have death haunting their steps, the only way that holy water was going to touch them was to be submerged for hours to wear away their skin.


They were stronger than humans, but even they had their weaknesses as his friend had found out. The man was still scarred on a good portion of his body, but with his mate’s help, he was healing rather nicely. Amazing what the blood and seed of an Elder Vampire could do for a man.


Shaking his head as Tony came out with Gibbs’ laundry in his basket, the man chuckled. “I can fold my own laundry, you know.”


Tony sniffed. “The last time that you folded your own shirts, I had to teach you how to steam them in a bathroom to loosen the wrinkles,” he said, eyeing Gibbs. “Every time that you steam your shirts, we know it. Do you have more whites?” he asked. “The white load is really small on my end.”

“All upstairs. You know where,” Gibbs drawled, watching Tony head up with a smile and a bounce in his step. He was highly amused with the way the other had taken over the chores with ease, more than used to it.

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