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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 6

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1403

Warnings: Language

AN: Camp is almost done! I can stop being a zombie! Woot! But I am writing on a Mentor Orochimaru story that I want to finish. I’m also working on Mini’s and when it comes to the end of this story I will explain what is going to go down with the Friday updates.


I have some things to figure out. But for now, enjoy!




Walking into the café that he had agreed to meet with Gibbs in, he found the older man sitting by a window as he stared out it. Walking up to the table, he smiled when the older man turned to look at him and smirk as he sat. “Hey there. Hope I’m not late,” he greeted.


“I’ve only been here a couple of minutes myself, so you’re good,” Gibbs said. Tony hummed and smiled, sitting back with a sigh.


“Ugh, today was interesting,” he drawled, shaking his head. The waitress walked up and asked what their orders were. Choosing to go with something simple but delicious, Tony asked for a mocha coffee with a shot of vanilla while Gibbs just asked for medium roast black coffee. They sat for a few minutes before their drinks arrived and the waitress walked off.


“How was today interesting?” Gibbs asked, testing the coffee and finding it rather good.


“Markin’s tried to talk with me. I called that number you gave me Wednesday and made the complaint. Then I learned that the teacher who is running the trial runs for us is under investigation for sexual harassment and blackmailing. So, the group that I’m a part of is being taken over by one of our better teachers with a simple case. One of us is switching out with a future prosecutor since that’s what he is. I’m happy about it though,” he admitted.


“Good,” Gibbs drawled, sipping his coffee before shifting. “Do you mind telling me about Mr. DiNozzo?” he asked. “My boss is looking for a reason to remove him as our main civilian prosecutor.”


Tony snorted. “Have you looked at his divorce files?” he asked. Gibbs raised an eyebrow, rather enjoying the way that brown eyes danced with amusement. “Yeah. First wife, my mom. She walked off with half of his wealth in the divorce and gets alimony. She didn’t really want to raise me so left me with him. In return, he fucked the nannies who took care of me. The younger ones at least,” he drawled.


Gibbs shook his head, unsurprised by this fact. “An idiot with a wandering penis then.”


Tony smirked. “Mom number two came into my life around age five and stayed until I was twelve. She found him fucking mom number three and divorced him. Walked off with a small business that last time I checked was doing well. Mom three lasted a year before just huffing off back to her rich daddy. This is mom number five and the smartest of them all. She knows just where it’s going to hurt him best. And I’m betting she’ll be willing to share any information that she learns to help you.”


Gibbs snorted. “I’ll give her a call if you have a number I can use.” Tony pulled out a phone and texted him the number with a smile. “Thanks,” he said after he checked his phone. “I’ll call her later. You seem to be really thinking hard about things last time I checked.”


Tony sighed. “The thing is, my dad pushed me into going into law. I was contemplating it but more on the police side of things. I have my own investments and I’m careful about what I spend or what I invest in, so it’s not like I need to be paid the huge bucks. I learned well under mom number three, I can tell you that much. As soon as I turned sixteen, she helped me set it up with her as the adult co-signer. Dad didn’t know about it and won’t know about it since technically my last name is hyphenated. I can use either my bio-mom’s last name or my father’s and it will be perfectly legal.” He sighed.


“So your dad pushed you towards this?” he asked.


“He’s holding the purse strings for another six months. Grandma set it up for me when I was a kid. Like itty bitty. There’s a bunch of provisions but he can still not let it pay out as much as I need for my schooling if he doesn’t agree with my career.” Tony shrugged and drained half of his mug. “I don’t mind it now. Since I’m going into prosecution instead of a mix like him. Though I’ve noticed he’s started to do more of the defense side of things.”


“He’s not getting as many prosecution jobs in connection to NCIS and the military,” Gibbs told him. Tony hummed.


“I wouldn’t mind contracting with you guys once I get some experience under my belt. You pay good money and I’d be able to do what I need to do if it came down to it,” Tony admitted. “I’m thinking about this now because I know that there are only so many slots and I want to get in as an intern my last year.”


“I can keep ya up to date on if we have the places open or not,” Gibbs offered. Tony nodded, smiling slightly. “There’s more that’s bothering you.”


“Outside of my father getting fucked over because of his own idiocy again, and Markin’s trying so hard to crawl up my ass?” Tony drawled. He sighed. “You know that night that we met? I saw my ex-fiance. Me and her new boy got to talking and some words were said. She’s been calling to threaten to sue me for the last month and a half. I’ve warned her that I have copies of her voicemails since I don’t pick up when she calls, and her text messages. She wasn’t happy, and I told her it was because I’m not dealing with that kind of bullshit. I didn’t when we were together, and I don’t now.”


“Why would she try to sue you?” Gibbs asked.


“Apparently her now ex-boytoy broke it off after doing a little digging into our relationship and the truth of it. Let me tell you, when he called me up two nights ago, he was sounding pretty pissed at being used by her.” Tony snorted, shaking his head. “Though I can’t say that I’m surprised by the fact that she tried to do this shit with someone new.” He frowned as he lent back, playing with his cup. “I’m not even sure what I saw in her.”


“You were young, dumb and wanted love?” Gibbs drawled, getting a groan from Tony. “Don’t worry about it so much, DiNozzo. You learned something about human nature and you’ve discovered a path that is making you happy. I’m thinking if you keep going the way you are, I’ll be creating a team and adding you to it.”


“And why is that?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow.


“I think you’ll do good. You’d only be a fringe part of the team. Doing the prosecution and making sure that the case we build for you is strong enough to take to court. You’d most likely be working with other teams on their cases but we’d get first dibs on your time unless you were in the middle of another case,” Gibbs replied.


“Well that’s a turn of conversation.”


“I’m not one to linger much on certain topics. I do think that you should put the whole issue with your ex to bed in the most permanent legal way possible. Your father is digging his own grave, so let him. But, I also want you on as my own person. Fuck everyone else in the world. I want you as a part of my team in some way. I see a good future for you,” Gibbs stated. “You’re smart, fast on your feet, and not likely to give a fuck about what others think of you. I like that.”


Tony tilted his head before smirking slightly. “Is that so?” he asked, leaning forward. “Does this mean I won’t get punched if I asked you out on a fish and chip date? There’s a nice place that’ll be close to the local carnival next week. And I want to go with you. If you’re free.”


Gibbs raised an eyebrow before smirking. “I could like that. Say about two? I’ll make sure that I’m only on call for big things but I don’t think the director will mind,” he said, putting money down for the coffee and tip.


Tony smiled. “Only if you let me pay for the fish and chips.”


“I’ll get the tickets and entry.” Tony beamed.


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