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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 12

Characters: Tony/Gibbs

Word Count: 1787

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: Fluffy Sex

AN: I swear I need to get a better sleep schedule. And yes, I've reverted back to a twice a week posting schedule. On Monday is the Avengers/Kuroshituji that I'm posting. On Friday, whatever short or mini story that I've finished.


There's only one more chapter of this story and then I'm posting a 3-some, 4 part fic on the Naruto Mini collection. And yes, it's a day late. Yesterday was spent finishing off a chapter and writing other things.






Growling softly as he slammed into the house, Gibbs stalked through the living room, eyes narrowed and instincts screaming. Tony just sighed and shook his head as he followed after his partner, closing the door and locking it, not wanting to deal with anyone bothering them. He had a feeling that they were going to be quite busy for the night and had sent out a warning to everyone.


It had started when a rather flirty were had come in to talk with them about her brother, who had been their current case. Gibbs had nearly jumped her to tear her head off after one too many times of her hand touching Tony’s arm. Or any part of his body. He didn’t like the way the uppity bitch had been trying to catch his mate’s attention, especially when Tony had been chillingly polite to her.


Once they had finished with the case, Tony had simply climbed into Gibb’s car when they had left, sent the message and waited for the other man to come down from his anger.


Smirking at his mate, he headed up the stairs, Gibbs watching him with a raised eyebrow. “I’m going to get a shower. Those damn showers at work just don’t have the power of a proper shower head,” he told the other man. “Grab one of your packets, warm it up, suck it down, and then come join me in the shower,” he invited, smirking over one shoulder.


Gibbs growled in delight at that and did just that while Tony walked to their bedroom, stripping out of his suit, dropping it into the cleaning service hamper he had. Naked, he walked into the bathroom and turned on the water to the hottest that he could stand it. Letting it heat up, Tony clicked his tongue and made sure that towels were hanging on the towel rack and that his toiletries were where they were meant to be.


Testing the water, Tony stepped into the shower and moaned at the hot water that worked over him. While he allowed the heat to unwind his muscles, downstairs, Gibbs jerked at the moan of pleasure, gripping the cup of warmed up blood. He was used to such sounds coming from his mate, the man a lover of the smaller things in life along with the more decadent things. But each time he heard a moan, it sent a jolt through his body and heated his lust to a low shimmer.


He had a feeling though that for the next three days, neither of them were going to do much beyond make love and rest after their latest case.


Rolling his shoulders, he turned back to his cup and drank it down, allowing Tony time to relax and to get wet. With his blood done, he rinsed out the cup before heading up the stairs, standing at the sink, watching Tony start to wash his hair, brushing his teeth. He had been told that while Tony loved to kiss him, but he didn’t love blood breath.


Gibbs could deal with brushing his teeth each time that he had blood. He did that usually anyways.


Finished with his teeth, he stripped out of his clothes, dropping them to the floor with a smirk as Tony tilted his head back, rinsing the shampoo out of his hair. Opening the curtain, Gibbs stepped in, his lover shifting to the side and letting him have some of the hot water, the heat sinking into his skin easily and loosening up his muscles.


Tony hummed and reached up, tipping Gibb’s head back to wet his hair down before grabbing his shampoo. Using a bit, he worked the lather through the short hair, getting it clean before letting his mate rinse it out. Getting his own hair wet some more, the younger male worked conditioner through his hair before grabbing the shower puff, wetting it down and adding just a bit of Gibb’s favored shower gel.


Reaching out, Tony watched the way the suds slid over wet skin, washing away their last case and the last of his love’s tension, moving from neck down over shoulders, pecs, ribs, and stomach. He smirked at the fact that the other was already hard but ignored the prick for the moment, kneeling down so he could wash Gibb’s hips, thighs and legs, pushing at one hip to get him to turn around.


Working his way back up, Tony ignored the water that was still falling over them, intent on just touching and relaxing his mate. Reaffirming that he had chosen him and no female, were, vampire, or otherwise, would take him away.


Washing up Gibbs back, Tony pressed a kiss to his shoulder before letting the vampire turn around and take the shower puff. He added a bit more soap to it and relaxed under the slow washing, his own length taking interest with every brush of fingers and skin against his own. The two rinsed off their bodies, hands running over slightly scarred skin, taking the time to explore in a way they haven’t really been able to since they had agreed to see where things went.


Reaching out, Tony turned off the shower and pushed the curtains to the side, Gibbs grabbing one towel and using it on Tony. Starting with his hair, he took his time in drying his lover, making sure to get all of the water that he could. When he was done, the towel was hung up and the other was grabbed by Tony and used on Gibbs’ body.


Once they were both dry, Gibbs followed his naked lover into the bedroom, flipping the bathroom light off behind him. Tony smiled over one shoulder and turned on a small lamp that threw off just enough light for the both of them to see without issue. Walking up to him, the vampire pulled his mate close, smiling and brushing their lips together as Tony hummed in delight, running his fingers through short hair, tugging on the strands teasingly.


“I am very glad that we’re alone,” Tony hummed, Gibbs chuckling as his hands ran down the other’s back, firm and oh so there, before the cupped his ass, giving it a light squeeze.


“Same here. Do you have your phone on you?” he asked, Tony shaking his head.


“Nope. The moment I walked in, it was put on the charger downstairs. If we’re needed, they have our secondary phones which are in my bedside drawer, fully charged,” Tony drawled, getting a smirk. “I am not going to have our night interrupted by idiots who can’t take the answer ‘we are off work for three days’,” he stated, pulling Gibbs into a kiss.


When they pulled away from the kiss, Tony had been laid back on the bed and surprised as a work roughened hand wrapped around his cock and gave it a slow stroke. Gibbs just chuckled lightly, lowering his head and pressing a kiss to the dip in his collarbone, loving the reactions he was getting from his lover. He knew that he couldn’t take the time that he wanted to, to explore his lover’s body, but they would have time later.


After the had worked through the lust that had been simmering between them since they had met. He wanted to taste his mate’s pleasure, but he could feel just how easy it would be to bring them over that edge with the right prod.


With that in mind, he shifted on the bed, coaxing Tony’s legs to spread so that he could kneel between them and leant over slightly to dig around in his bedside table. The hand on Tony’s length continued to play over it, promising more to come. Finding the bottle, Gibbs gave it a hard shake before popping the top and pouring a bit onto his hand, slicking the movements of his hand.


Tony groaned and arched up into the feeling, spreading his legs a bit more, finding a comfortable enough position and inviting his mate to do more. Gibbs smirked, leaning over to steal another kiss, this one slow, exploring even as his hand slid down and back, finding the ring of muscles that he wanted.


Rubbing the warmed lube over it, Gibbs moved lower to tease a spot that he knew would distract Tony from the press of his finger, nipping at it with the edge of his fang, not breaking skin. As he teased, he pushed a finger inwards, teasing him open. He found another spot to tease up a mark on as a second finger worked its way into the tight body under him.


By the time he had three fingers working in and out of the willing body, Gibbs had worked several dark marks into Tony’s skin, making his instincts purr in satisfaction. When he slid deep into his mate, claiming him in an intimate way, Tony was begging for more, to be taken and left sore.


By the time they found their climaxes, Tony had scratched Gibbs’ back bloody and wasn’t able to do anything but ride wave after wave of pleasure, his mate’s teeth in his neck. Claiming him in all ways.


Moaning as Gibbs released his neck and pulled free of his body with a wet pop, Tony went limp, eyes half lidded and body screaming ‘contentment’ even as the vampire stood. Rolling his shoulders with a sound of pleasure, he went into the bathroom and found a clean washcloth. Wetting it down, he cleaned himself up, rinsing out his mouth as he did so with a swish of mouthwash.


Spitting the mouthwash out and cleaning the cloth, he headed back to Tony, cleaning him up with a soft smile as all he did was wiggle when a sensitive spot was hit. “Rest. When you wake up, I’ll make something that’ll help with any blood loss and make sure I didn’t go overboard,” Gibbs said, moving Tony to lay back in the drier portions of the bed.


Tony chuckled as Gibbs removed the blankets from it and shook his head. “I’m fine. Just tired now,” he hummed, shifting to lay under the sheets, allowing Gibbs to spread a fresh blanket over the bed. “Need ta do laundry tomorrow anyways.”


Tony yawned as Gibbs snorted and flipped off the light, climbing into bed with his mate. “Tomorrow. For now, sleep, my mate,” he instructed, pulling Tony close to him. The two fell into an easy sleep.

The next day Gibbs made sure that his mate was well taken cared of, but couldn’t resist it when Tony shoved him back on the couch and rode him into the both of them needing a nap.

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