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Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 5

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1396

Warnings: Language

AN: If you noticed, I didn’t post a chapter for Don’t Piss Off the Personal Assistant. Why? Because it’s Camp time and I spaced on updating you guys on the schedule. The Monday before I started was the posting. This is this week’s only chapter that I’m posting. Monday is the next chapter for that week. Then chapter 6 of this story for the following Friday.


I’m sure you can figure it out. One chapter a week so I can focus on writing.


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For now enjoy!




Staring at the man who was staring back at him as he sat next to a desk, giving a more in-depth interview about the people who had ended up dead, Tony waved.


“DiNozzo. What brings you here? I thought that I had cleared you,” Gibbs said, stalking up to the desk.


The man behind it glared at Gibbs and huffed. “I pulled him in to learn more about his interactions with the victims,” he said. Gibbs raised an eyebrow. “He had a fight with them.”


“No. I said that they trashed my room because I showed them up in class. Which has been paid for by the insurance. I’ve already moved out of the dorms because of those assholes, got my dorm deposit back and they were charged with destruction of property. And on a watch list,” Tony said. He rolled his eyes. “Dude, don’t you listen? Can you tell him that I was cleared by you so I can go home? I was moping around tonight.”


Raising an eyebrow at the young man, Gibbs nodded his head. “He was cleared already. We have a lead on who it was because of his information. If you had asked me, I would have told you this, Markins,” he stated. “DiNozzo, I’ll walk you out. Were you asked to come in or were you dragged in?” he asked.


“Dragged and don’t think I’m not going to file a complaint. I know which forms to use to,” Tony stated, standing up. Smoothing a hand down one sleeve, he snagged one of the business cards that was sitting on the desk and raised an eyebrow. “Ostentatious for a NCIS agent. Better suited for a lawyer or something,” he said. He followed Gibbs to the elevator and tucked his hands in his pant pockets, rocking back and forth on his feet. “So, what’s with that guy? Too much starch on his tighty whities?” he asked.


Gibbs snorted. “He wants my position. I’m trusted by the director for all that I do my own thing during my investigations,” he stated. When the doors opened, he allowed Tony to step into the elevator first, following him and pressing the lobby button. “He didn’t try to cuff you, did he?”


“Tried. I threatened to sue him so hard his great-grandchildren would be paying for it,” Tony snorted, leaning against the wall as they went down to the lobby.


“Good.” Stepping out into the lobby, Gibbs lead him towards the parking garage where his car was. “Where do you live?” he asked.


“I can get a cab. It’s not that hard,” Tony drawled, still following after the older man. He had to admit that the guy was good looking. Probably several years older than him but still strong and in the prime. If he had any thought about it, the man would be in his prime for a long time. Especially if he went out into the field often.


Gibbs just raised an eyebrow, getting a smirk from the other. “You were moping?” he asked, feeling curious about the man who acted so much older than his years.


“Ah, my dad is doing the ‘fuck around with anything that walks’ on the current step-mom. Unfortunately for him, she was smart to get a pre-nup and all she has to do is get evidence,” Tony said, shrugging. “Not something that I’d want to go over without the chocolatiest cocoa ever or over a bottle of good scotch,” he admitted.


Gibbs hummed and pulled out his keys, making his car beep when he turned off the alarm. “Get on in. I’ll take ya home. With a side trip for food if you need it,” he said.


Tony huffed but nodded. “Yeah, fine. Just swing by the grocery store on ninth. I’m not far from there and they have the chicken strips that I like most,” he said, making sure that he had his credit card and ID in his wallet. Sliding into the car, he sighed and slumped down as Gibbs climbed into the driver’s seat.


Pulling their seatbelts on, Gibbs backed out of the space and left the garage, swiping his card and putting in his reason for leaving so early. On the road, they were happy to keep quiet, Tony thinking about what was going and what had happened to the guys who had lived in the same dorm building. He had been told that it had looked like a crime of passion, of hate, but he doubted it.


“Can you tell me how the crime scene looked?” he asked. “Not looking for details, but asshole said it was a crime of hate. Passion. Whatever.”


Gibbs snorted. “It was a beat down. Not a crime of hate or passion,” he stated. “They were methodically beaten. My ME said that there are signs of torture under all the beating to. A lot of carefully placed hits to hurt instead of kill.”


Tony hummed and crossed his legs with a frown, thinking. “I might have to call up my dad’s partner to do the paperwork,” he said. “He tried to bullshit me with how the scene was. Probably to get me to say something he could use to go against me for whatever reason.”


“Your father is DiNozzo, the prosecutor, right?” Gibbs asked. Tony nodded. “Yeah, I figured. He has a thing against him for a case. The guy didn’t think that it was who it was and tried to get him to give up on the case. He…well to be blunt, he laughed in Markins’ face.”


Tony snorted. “Great. Wonderful. Good thing I’m going in as a defense lawyer,” he drawled, shaking his head. “I wanted to do criminal justice, but my dad is an asshole. I think though that I can do good work as a lawyer now though.”


“NCIS can always use a good lawyer who wasn’t military in some way,” Gibbs said as he pulled up to the store. He found a spot and parked, following Tony as the younger man snagged a small basket, heading for the freezer aisles. He watched him grab a bag of chicken strips, a bag of sweet potato fries, a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream and backtracked to the mixed culture aisle.


Grabbing a box of pocky and a bottle of sweet and sour, Tony headed for the cashier, paying for his food with Gibbs trailing behind him. “I could have done this without an escort,” he said, smiling.


Gibbs snorted. “I don’t trust Markin’s right now. I will escort you to your door and make sure you are left alone. Once you’re there, don’t open the door for the idiot.”


“I won’t,” Tony promised, grabbing his bags and heading to the car. A short ten-minute drive brought them to the condo, Gibbs parking where he was told to and following Tony up to the condo. Unlocking the door, he turned to him. “Want a cup of coffee.”


“Maybe Friday. Then you can get your cocoa and tell me what is going on,” Gibbs said. Tony tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. “NCIS has a file on your father. If you’re willing to tell me anything I can put it into the file as a private source. That and I would like to pick your mind about something.”


Tony hummed before nodding. “Just a minute. Let me get my calendar.” Gibbs nodded and watched him disappear into the condo. It was only a minute later that he was back with a large book that he flipped open. “It’s my calendar. It just happens to be a big book of dates,” he drawled.


Gibbs snorted and shook his head as Tony found the next day that he was free. With a date set for Saturday around one, he left, grabbing Markins on the way down the stairs. Instructing him to get back to NCIS, Gibbs headed back and headed up to speak with the director about the fact that the man was harassing Tony.


Tony on the other hand wrote a note in his book before putting most of his food away, pouring some strips onto a baking sheet. Leaving it to cook, he set up for a long afternoon of homework and studying, mind flitting back to Gibbs, and blushing at the way he was feeling. He was looking forward to their date.


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