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Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 1

Characters: Gibbs

Word Count:

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing

AN: So I present to you...Vampire Gibbs! Okay, so please forgive any mistakes. I'm STILL rather on the sick side, which isn't really happy making actually, so things do slip through on the editing.


This is because CutsyCat one day went “VampireGibbs denying himself his Tony mate”. I ran with it. *nods*


Ran with it right into a fluffy smut scene and interspective thoughts.






It was well known amongst certain groups that the US military and Government denied that vampires, weres of various types, and other such supernatural creatures existed.


They also knew that they denied that they had done any kind of experimentation in regards to such creatures. They worked to give their men, and further on down the road, their women, the powers of those creatures without the unfortunate nasty side effects that came with them naturally. The scientists had perfected it about the time that Gibbs had joined the Marines, but they hadn’t used it on him until after his daughter had been conceived.


That had been about the time when he had been sent out again.


He had been told that he would end up with some odd cravings but that he would be stronger, faster. Better. He would be able to fight at the peak of his power for so much longer than normal.


What they hadn’t anticipated was the fact that for some of their men and women, it was just so much more than just odd cravings and stronger bodies. For some, it had added to their natural instincts, made them more of the creature in many ways.


For one Leroy Jethro Gibbs, it had made him a bit more vampiric in his emotions and he had to drink blood on occasion. The blood came from those who knew him and who he felt he could trust, both male and female.


Ducky had been one such donor when they had been younger in body and soul. Palmer had willingly become a donor after he had admitted that one of his ex-lovers had been the son of one of the soldiers who had been chosen for the first round of working injections. He and the man hadn’t lasted beyond a year, but he was with a very sweet, very human woman who knew that he donated blood.


But that was all that he had told her.


Gibbs would have added Abby to that list but something about the thought of having her donate set his teeth on edge. The feeling had been the same when he had been with Jenny, and later, with Ziva after she had been added.


He hadn’t felt that way with his ex-wives and he had told them but they kept silent about that.


He supposed that he was lucky that they hadn’t left him because of his instincts and his need to drink blood in some form on occasion, and instead because he had been an asshole.


McGee though made his teeth itch with a want to taste, to feel the young man twitch and go limp under him, but only when he hadn’t been able to feed. With one of their group though, his instincts screamed so loud and long at him to claim him, to plunge cock and teeth in him that he was surprised no one else heard them.


It had been that very instinct when they had met during their undercover operation that had convinced him to recruit one Anthony DiNozzo. The fact that he usually had a fast mouth and easy charm while solving cases hadn’t hurt when he had made the decision.


His instincts though had never really gone away over the years, and only had gotten stronger over time. Gibbs had felt this way only once before, and that had been with Shannon, both before the injections and after. But she had been his mate and mother of his children long before the government had taken to the idea of turning him into a human vampire.


Tony of course didn’t know about his instincts or what the government had done to him. He didn’t want them to know, outside of Palmer and Ducky. And he liked it that way. He really didn’t need the complications that would come with them learning about his condition.


As it was, the fact that they had to know about the hidden world to do their jobs correctly was a pain in the ass for everyone. When Abby had learned about it, she had squealed so loudly in excitement that the bugs that had been recording in her apartment had shorted out. She had then pouted about some of the information that came with the truth about vampires.


Including that their aversion to sunlight wasn’t because they’d go up in flames, but rather it was more of an allergy that could be deadly if they didn’t take precautions. Just like with any other allergy.


McGee, luckily for them all, had gone with the flow of things and had made several online friends in the Community. He knew at least four of them personally and could ask them things if he needed to for cases as they came up. Gibbs had a feeling that one of the Elders that McGee knew was actually watching him with more than just friendly amusement.


Not that the hacker could tell that. It had taken Abby literally jumping him to figure out that she wanted him and that relationship had left him with some issues.


Ziva had done what Ziva did best when she had first learned about the Community: she had denied its existence and run to Jenny only to hear all about how they worked. They were very lucky that McGee and Tony had learned long ago how to soothe ruffled feathers long before she had joined them. She had a very bad habit of insulting the supernatural beings by being overly religious or basing everything off of the wrong mythological stereotypes.


They all agreed though that they missed Kate and her even temperament when it came to the Community.


Tony had been rather level headed about the whole thing when he had learned just what their jobs were all about though. He had asked Gibbs about any books or magazines he could get his hands on to learn about the Community, and from there he had studied until he could treat anyone that they came across with the proper respect. He was still a smartass but when it came to their victims, he was a good man with a smart mind.


He worked well with his team and even helped to keep Ziva on a very tight lease.


Despite the issues they had with Ziva, the team worked and worked well. They had very few cold cases compared to the other teams. They worked harder and better than some because they all hated to leave a murderer walking free. They had more convictions because they made sure that everything they found was well and truly locked down.


Gibbs was very proud of his team, despite having to keep Ziva from making their jobs that much harder to do. They did their cases and keep their secrets. But still they didn’t know about him even if they knew about that program.


And he really didn’t want to deal with the problems that would come with trying to tell them about what was going on with him. Especially if he had to tell Ziva. He would end up having to retrain her and he didn’t want to deal with that bullshit in the middle of a case. Never mind the fact that he would have to admit that he had instincts that told him that Tony was his mate.

He just wasn’t ready to admit that yet.

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