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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Forcing a Change

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 4

Characters: Tony, Gibbs

Word Count: 1344

Warnings: Language

AN: So a few things. I’m gearing up for April’s Camp. I’m doing a Naruto fic that is based off several ideas from several creators that I wanted to try my hand at.


I’m almost finished with the rewrites for Don’t Piss off the PA, and have the next few chapters that I need to edit again. I’ll be doing that today. I didn’t post Monday or Wednesday because I had other things to focus on.


If you’re a part of my discord, you’ve probably noticed a few things with me moving things around. Getting things set up. And so on. I’m pretty much done so if you want an invite, go ahead and ask for one. <3


Next enjoy!




Staring at the guy who he had seen in the computer store just two days before, Tony blinked at him as Gibb returns the blink in surprise. “Uh,” he got out.


Gibbs snorted. “Well this is interesting,” he drawled. Tony shook his head. “You did say that you needed a new bed but I was expecting you to get one sometime yesterday,” he drawled.


“I replaced clothes, and cleaned out my room,” Tony admitted, tucking his hands into his jeans. “So, what brings you here?” he asked.


“My bed is dead. I was told, in no uncertain terms by a friend, that I must replace it,” Gibbs responded.


Tony snickered. “Do you know what you’re looking for?” he asked, Gibbs shrugging. “I’m guessing you go for whatever is cheapest or fasest to get to your place?”


“Pretty much,” was the reply. Tony snickered softly.


“Come on, Gibbs. A good mattress will last you for longer than six months to a year,” Tony drawled. Gibbs raised an eyebrow at him. “I remember names. I have to be in my profession,” he said.


Gibbs snorted before following after the other man to a different part of the store. He raised an eyebrow at the types of mattresses offered. Feather top, gel topped, comfort form, cool memory foam. All of that and more in all sizes. All the way from child’s sized up into a couple types of California Kings.


There were bedroom set suggestions with each mattress in each size offered and were quite a bit more than what he was used to spending. But Ducky had told him to buy a good mattress and that it would cost him.


“Now, I’m guessing you like the firmer mattresses right?” Tony asked.


Gibbs nodded. “I hate sinking into a soft mattress. Comes from my military days,” he explained.


“Ah,” Tony drawled, leading him to some of the gel topped mattresses. “These are firm yet hold your body in a proper sleeping position. They’ll also last for at least two years before you need to replace them as long as you rotate them. That is, if you turn it around every six months. And the topper can be removed via the zipper there and moved so that you can flip as you need to,” he said, showing Gibbs the parts of the mattress.


“You seem knowledgeable about these,” Gibbs said.


Tony shrugged. “I have a good memory. One of my ex’s had this type of mattress and I always remember it being comfortable but not squishy.”


Gibbs hummed and eyed the other man before sighing and finding the queen-sized mattress that would fit his frame. “I suppose I should buy a new box for it to,” he drawled, finding the matching box spring that would go with the mattress.


“You should replace them every couple of years depending on how much use they get,” Tony drawled, shrugging one shoulder with a smile. “But yeah, if your mattress is dead, it probably includes the box spring.”


Gibbs huffed and waved down one of the people. “I need this mattress and box spring please.”


“Do you want it delivered?” the worker asked, pulling his phone out and texting for help.


Gibbs frowned and held up a finger, answering the call that made his phone ring.  “Gibbs,” he snapped into the phone, frowning as he was called in. “Alright. Give me 30 and call in the team,” he said. Hanging up the phone, he looked at the person who was already scanning the bar codes on a handheld scanner. “Send it. I’ll have my neighbor let your guys in.”


“Alright. If you follow me, I’ll get you checked out and the address down so you can go,” the clerk said.


“Thank you, Tony, for the help,” Gibbs said, turning to Tony who was looking mildly amused.


“Not an issue. Have a better day,” Tony chuckled, shaking his head and watching the two leave. Looking to the mattresses, he tried to decide which ones he wanted as two men walked up with a flat bed on wheels. “He wanted that mattress with that box spring,” he told them when they went for the wrong ones. “I should know. I was here when he chose.”


One of the guys gave him a sneer while his partner checked his phone. The guy with the phone snorted. “He’s right. Seriously need to read these text’s better,” he drawled, teasing his friend. The two pulled them down and left, leaving Tony alone again.


Sighing, Tony found his own mattress, box spring, and frame once the clerk who had helped Gibbs came back. He checked out, also having the bed delivered to McGee’s place, he headed to his favorite store for some sheets and blankets before arriving at the new place.


“Who are you, Gibbs?” Tony asked himself, sitting in front of his new computer set up. McGee had his section closed off with sturdy bookcases on one side, a shorter bookcase creating another side and then two walls under the loft area. Tony had taken over another area that was before the large windows that ran along one wall. It worked for him and allowed him to set up his rather large desk that was set up in two sections.


He reached out and turned on his desktop, letting it boot before he checked the digital clock that sat on a wall shelf. Finding that he had a couple of hours before he had to deal with the delivery people, he stood to make coffee to have while researching. He used the single serve coffee maker, making some simple medium roast and adding a bit of creamer and sugar.


Walking back with his coffee cup once he had put the pod into a heat proof bowl to cool, he sat down, logged onto his computer and pulled up a search engine. Tapping his fingers on the desk, he pulled his keyboard close and slid his chair closer to the desk.


Tapping in the name, he hit search and blinked at the amount of results that he found. Clicking on the first name, he started to read about who one Leroy Jethro Gibbs was. When the bed was delivered and set up, he left the computer for the moment to help and watch the guys before closing the door and locking it behind them. With a fresh cup of coffee, he continued to learn about the man who seemed to pop up in his life all over the place.


He frowned when an e-mail popped up from his past RA and stared when he got the request to come in to speak with NCIS and the police. “Someone got killed? Shit, why am I not surprised?” he asked himself, standing up.


He wrote a note on the dry-erase board to McGee, telling him where he was before leaving the apartment after he shut his computer down. He would continue his research later.


Driving to the campus, he parked and went to his old dorms, hunting down his RA who was looking displeased. “So what happened?” he asked when he stepped up beside him.


“Two of our own were killed and so were two of their military friends,” he said. Tony groaned and rubbed at his face.


“Was it Mitchy and Leon?” he asked, the RA nodding his head. “Bet you ten to one that they were fucking around with someone that they shouldn’t have.”


The RA snorted. “No deal. But all of us are going to be questioned about whatever we’ve seen.”


“Despite the fact that we’ve only been here for what? A month and a half?”  Tony asked, raising an eyebrow. The RA shrugged. “Fine. Who is talking to us?” he asked.


“Some chick named Todd,” the RA said. “Her boss, leader, whatever is going through their rooms. Guy named Gibbs.”


Tony groaned. “Dude, I just saw him at the mattress store,” he whined, rubbing at his face. “Whatever. Let’s get this shit done.” The RA smirked and lead him to where Todd waited for them. 


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