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Title: Give Me

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 4 of 5

Characters: Gibbs, Tony, Ziva

Word Count: 1,433

For: Cutsycat

Warnings: nothing

AN: I'm kind of sick (thus why I didn't post chapter 9 of Our Truth Monday, sorry guys). So for now, here is the chapter.






Wondering just how she had gotten roped into going to spy on Tony and Gibbs while they were doing whatever it was they were doing. It was late, most of the houses around Gibbs’ already closed up for the night, so it was easy to sneak up to the first window, peeking inside. She frowned at the fact that there wasn’t anything in the living room, no sign that the two men were inside of the house.


Shifting in the shadows, glad that she had gone for a simple dark green shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, she slipped around the side of the house, peeking into the kitchen, frowning slightly. The table had been used, recently if by the fact that it was still, mostly, set for dinner, with two placemats and a mostly empty napkin container.


Moving to the window that peeked into the kitchen, it looked cleaned, dishes drying in a dish drain and the trash had been pulled, but it looked as if it hadn’t been taken out quite yet. “I wonder what they are up,” she breathed, moving to look into the window of Gibb’s room, not finding either of the men in there and the room dark. “Why aren’t they in there?” she muttered.


She moved to walk around the other side of the house, peeking into the window there, finding that it was cracked and that there were lights. Looking around, she saw that there were LED candles that flickered just barely, throwing soft lights around the room. The room had a simple, low sitting bed covered in what looked to be cotton sheets a rich wine color, the duvet folded at the end and only two pillows at the top in matching pillow cases.


Looking around as much as she could, she spotted Gibbs moving to the bed, dressed in nothing but a pair of sweats, looking fresh from a shower as he arranged the pillows on the bed. He was smirking even as he pulled out two more pillows, laying them next to the other two pillows before once more disappearing out of the door. Ziva’s eyes widened as he walked back in, supporting Tony who was moving carefully and wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.


Gibbs helped him to lay down on the bed, the soft chuckle coming easily through the window, Ziva checking to see if it was opened, finding a small inch big gap staring at her. Looking up, she swallowed as Gibbs gently removed the towel, Tony reaching down to adjust himself as he laid on the bed on his stomach, shuddering softly. Ziva kept her eyes from Tony’s groin but noticed that his ass looked as if it had been...spanked?


Blinking several times, she watched as Gibbs sat down by the bed, leaning over to pull out a small box, opening it before he digged around in it.


“Are you very sore?” Gibbs asked as he pulled out a bottle of thick, translucent liquid, shaking it up with well practiced movements.


Tony hummed and smiled, shaking his head as he looked over at Gibbs. “Not as much as I usually am,” he said, shrugging. “You take very good care of me and you know my limits.”


“Working with you for so long has given me some interesting insights into your limits and what you really know.” Gibbs smiled softly at him before he popped the lid open.


“Which works out for me in the long run,” Tony stated before he hissed softly as the cool liquid was poured in thin lines over the redness of his ass, thighs and back. Gibbs just chuckled and stroked a hand over the redness, smoothing the liquid over. Tony moaned as he relaxed under the soft touches, allowing the older man to spoil him.


“Did you like the new toy?” Gibbs asked, cleaning his hand on a wet wipe and dropping it into a small trash basket that he slid into it’s hiding space.


“I did,” Tony hummed as he relaxed back into the bedding again. “I’m kind of glad that you’re so willing to explain what you want to try in great detail.”


“I did promise that if I don’t know how you would react to something, I would ask you,” Gibbs said, smiling as he stood up and moved to a part of the room where Ziva couldn’t see. She swallowed heavily as she shifted, making sure that she didn’t make any noise as she did so.


Her mind was whirling around, trying to figure out what the two men were talking about, what they had done. It was obvious that it was something sexual in nature but it wasn’t just sex. It seemed as if it was something rough, especially if the fact that Tony’s back, ass and thighs were all red.


Her thoughts stuttered to a stop as Gibbs came back over to the bed, sitting down with what looked to be a well cared for flogger, padded paddle, and two penis shaped toys. She narrowed her eyes and made a note one was a vibrator while the other looked to be a simple dildo. Gibbs smiled as he sat down on the bed and laid the toys out.


Shifting on her feet, he watched as he reached down into the box from earlier again and pulled out a small pile of rags and three bottles. “I never knew that you knew how to take care of such toys,” Tony chuckled, getting a smirk from Gibbs as he raised an eyebrow at him. “I always thought that you were very much into the more vanilla sex. That the craziest you got into was wall sex, or screwing around in the living room.”


“I’ve done that and a few other things, but after the military got done with me, I had my own needs to take care of me,” Gibbs said, shrugging. “Shannon was able to open me up to some of things. Toys being one of them. At the time, getting a dildo was kind of hard and we had to hit some stores that catered to those who did porn when we got our first one.”


“If I ever meet her after we leave this world, I’ll have to give her a garden full of flowers in thanks,” Tony said, voice soft and understanding.


Gibbs chuckled and reached out to stroke a hand through his hair. “She would just laugh at you and suggest that we have a three-way,” he admitted, getting him to blush brightly. “Anyways, over the years, I learned how to keep things fresh and new because that I was using them more often with my partners, or with some of the submissives in my life.”


“So it was to make sure that your partners and submissives were getting the best of your abilities,” Tony said, getting a low chuckle and a nod. “I’m glad. Most of my past master’s never did that. They expected me to take care of them or did them like three days later. I hated some of those damn toys after the first time.”


“Is that why you disliked that one dildo?” Gibbs asked, Ziva’s eyes going wide as she swallowed heavily.


“One of the many,” Tony promised. Gibbs chuckled once more and leant down to kiss his lover, getting a soft hum from the prone man. Ziva swallowed once more and started to slink away from the window as she saw Gibbs’ hand slide down Tony’s back and to his ass, fingers dipping into the crack of it.


Walking away from the house quickly, she headed for her car, shuddering at what she had seen, horrified by what she had discovered. Not only was Tony and Gibbs in a relationship, they were in a BDSM style relationship with Tony being the submissive of the two!


She thanked whoever was watching over them that it hadn’t been Gibbs who was the one who was submissive, ignoring the fact that he might have been at one time in his life with his passed wife. She didn’t want to think about that. She couldn’t afford to get sick in her car since there wasn’t anywhere to clean it out.

Shuddering, Ziva started her car once she had gotten into it and headed for Abby’s house, stopping by a store to raid their harder drinks and snack foods. She needed the comfort so badly. She was going to have a hard time looking into Tony’s and Gibbs’ eyes.

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