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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 6

Characters: Tony, Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, Marson

Word Count: 1,446

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: talk about killing

AN: Oh, what is this? This just happens to be an update on this story and this just happens to be a rather interesting twist. *cackles*


Oh! I just wanted to remind you guys that if you want to check out my originals that I'm posting on Wattpad, I will happily link you guys if you ask. Thank you!






Waking up the next morning and stumbling out of bed, Tony yawned and slowly stretched, tilting his head to the side, listening to the house. He could very faintly hear that Gibbs was already awake and moving about downstairs, most likely making coffee for the two of them. Stretching out his back with a groan, he grabbed his laundry and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.


After a hot shower that helped to steam out some wrinkles in his clean clothes and that woke him up some more, he dried off, shaved, brushed his teeth and hair, and dressed. Grabbing his freshly done laundry, tucking one outfit away into the small duffle that sat next to McGee’s duffle, he headed down the stairs and stuck the laundry bag next to the door to grab on the way out.


Padding into the kitchen, tossing his shoes out to lay next to the couch, he sniffed and sighed when Gibbs handed a cup of coffee with a smirk. “Thanks,” he greeted, tasting the coffee and sighing happily at the taste that slid across his tastebuds. “You bought more of my sugar?” he asked.


“You were out and I found small packages,” Gibbs said, pulling out the box of the pure sugar that Tony tended to go for. Certain sugars caused odd reactions in him but the sugar that Gibbs had bought him was one that he kept at home for himself or in his desk drawer at work. “I bought it because it was on sale and because you picked up the last bag of coffee.”


Tony smiled and nodded, letting Gibbs put the box away, going back to his coffee. “So, breakfast on the go today? I take it that you don’t have a whole lot of food in the fridge right now?” he asked. Gibbs snorted but nodded. “Alright then. I’ll grab my shoes, pack up my basket and we can head out. We’ll grab food from that one place, my treat?” he offered.


“As long as the eggs aren’t rubbery,” Gibbs stated, watching Tony snicker and move to grab his things and shove his shoes on. Shaking his head, pouring his coffee into a thermos as Tony drained his own coffee mug as he tied his shoes. Tony rinsed out the cup and headed out the door with laundry and keys, Gibbs moving to put on his shoes, gun, and badge, putting them in their place before grabbing his wallet from the side table.


Frowning to himself at catching the scent of Tony, he shoved down the instinct to grab the other man and hide him away from the danger that they were walking into again. He couldn’t because no matter what his instincts were screaming, Tony was not his mate.


Shaking his head and clearing his head, he locked down his house, feeling odd about doing so before walking around to the driver's side of his car. Taking his keys, Gibbs got into his car, Tony following after him and the two heading to the small diner that they liked. Tony ordered their food to go while Gibbs went through the files that Marson had brought them the day before, muttering into his thermos cup of coffee.


With containers filled with eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, a small thing of syrup, and crepes with a berry filling, they headed to the office and up to the rather empty floor. They found McGee setting up a small coffee pot and a kettle on their extra desk while Marson was setting up his laptop and hardlining into their internet line.


“Have you eaten, McGee?” Gibbs asked, taking his containers of food and putting them on his desk.


McGee hummed and nodded as he logged Marson into an account that would allow him to search for whatever he needed. “Yeah. We swung by the store since I ran out of breakfast makings, bought some Eggo’s,” he said, standing up with a smile. “I ate a couple and I was going to make some more here in a few,” he continued.


Tony hummed and pulled out the third thing of crepes, handing it and a plastic fork over. “Have a proper crepe,” he said, sitting down with his files, turning on his computer while Gibbs did the same.


Marson smirked and watched as the young hacker sat down, making a happy sound at finding what kind of filling it was. Gibbs shook his head and looked to the vampire with a raised eyebrow. “Your director has already promised to lock the blinds down for me while the sky is overcast. A storm is moving in and will be settling over us for a few days.”


“Great,” Gibbs drawled, sitting down and starting to eat his breakfast as his computer started to boot up. “Alright, get working. And if Ziva hasn’t arrived in the next thirty, call her.”


Marson looked at his phone and frowned. “My person texted me. She has refused the ride to in and is waiting for a ride from your people,” he stated.


Gibbs snorted. “I’ll talk to her. Get to work you two,” he said, getting “Yes, boss” from Tony and McGee. Turning to his own files as he ate his breakfast, he nodded to Tony when the man put a fresh cup of coffee next to his hand before filling his own and McGee’s coffee cups. Two hours later, McGee made a thoughtful sound and stood up, leaving the area.


The three men watched him leave before coming back with a white board, three white board markers and some tape. Taking pictures of the victims that he had printed out, four to a page, he cut each picture from each page and started to hang them on the board, a total of twelve.


“I think I found something,” he finally said, eyes narrowed as he stared at the files. “Okay, so boss, the first one was his lover who he turned on and killed. The next guy was a year later and when you had left the Navy to start working at NCIS,” he said, starting to write out a timeline. He went through each victim and the corresponding timeline that they had for Gibbs, the man filling in what they hadn’t known about.


“So this last one was because we now have Ziva, right?” Tony asked, staring at their latest victim.


“I don’t think so,” McGee said softly, nibbling at his bottom lip. “I think it’s for when I joined the team. The dates of him starting to court our victim would be right. He has a thing for teasing and playing with his prey, like a cat against a mouse. I think he’s got another one who will have been found right around when Kate was killed,” he said, looking over to Gibbs as Marson frowned.


“From what I understand of this man, this would be his way of celebrating things. Of trying to taint those memories with a darkness for the good ones, or celebrating for the bad ones,” Marson said, Tony shaking his head as he leant against his desk.


“So Smith has an obsession for Gibbs. Do you think he’s still around?” Tony asked, Marson and Gibbs sharing a look.


“I shall get a hold of some of my contacts and talk with them. See if there is any places that have been locked down like any vampires home should be,” Marson stated, moving to gather his things. “Timothy, I or my Childe shall be back to gather you tonight. Stay with your team if you can,” he instructed.


McGee nodded as he moved to his desk to start running searches for any military or Naval missing persons who had the same characteristics of the victims so far.  “Alright. You have my number,” he said, Marson nodding and leaving to the underground garage and his tinted car.


“Gibbs...don’t you think that all these guys are looking really pretty?” Tony asked, staring at the board. “All of them are military or Naval in some way. All of them are brunette and built slimish but strong. All of them were gay and closeted up until Don’t Ask Don’t Tell got repealed.”


Gibbs looked at the whiteboard with a heavy frown, taking in the victims and cursing softly. “DiNozzo, you are to stay with someone at all times. If the team is not here, you are to be with Vance or within the building with someone, got it?” he asked, McGee swallowing and seeing what Gibbs was saying.

Tony matched all of the similarities between the chosen victims.

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