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Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 9

Characters: Tony, Smith

Word Count: 1,456

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing yet

AN: I don't have much to say but enjoy. :D




Waking up to his head pounding in time with his heartbeat, Tony didn’t allow himself to move, knowing that doing so would make the nausea that he was feeling worsen. He wasn’t looking to do that any time soon, so stayed still while he finished coming out of a forced sleep. Lifting his head, squinting, he looked around and groaned at finding himself in a rather nice room.


He wasn’t chained to a chair, which was a novelty, but rather placed in a recliner and arms shackled to the wall with enough room to walk around about half of the room with no issues. It seemed that even though he was a psychopathic vampire, he was a smart psychopathic vampire to limit his movements. At the least, Tony would have some ability to maneuver as long as he kept closer to the wall than the middle of the room.


Standing up slowly with a grunt, he stretched his arms over his head, glad that the chains weren’t heavy and the manacles weren’t made of metal. Instead they were made of rather thick, strong leather that wrapped around his wrists in some odd way that didn’t leave any visible ways of getting them lose. The chains were made of metal and a good solid kind to, with solid welds in each link.


Where the chains were hooked onto the wall, he found that the plates were attached to very strong brick that was probably only a single layer against a normal well insulated wall. The rings weren’t cheap ones, the welding done by someone who had known what they were doing while the plate had been fully anchored into the wall. Any kind of damage would be shown in the bricks so it didn’t look like he could pull it free.


He doubted that he would have time anyways, seeing as there were four different cameras that covered the room and were watching him. Though the ‘bathroom’, as much as a that wouldn’t be out of place in a jail cell, and a showerish area could be when it was just closed off by a simple curtain that wouldn’t be of any use to anyone outside of keeping the water out of the living area.


The shower head was high up, hard to get at, and built so that it couldn’t come free without specialized tools. Two buttons with the information that you wanted more of hot or cold you pressed the buttons sat about chest height along with a third button that just said ‘off’ on it.


A bed sat against the wall, and looking at the legs, they were bolted down. The pillowcases were sewn onto the pillow’s while the bedding was just enough to stay warm. “Smart psychotic vampire,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head.


It was a perfect suicide cell and nothing in the room could be broken, used against a vampire, or used on a person. Even the toilet seat to make it so that a guy didn’t have to worry about a cold ass using it would shatter if it was tugged off. And that was the only way that it would come off by the looks of it.


Tony took in a slow breath and moved to the sink, finding a plastic cup sitting on a shelf along with a toothbrush that hung from a hook, toothpaste and mouthwash. Picking up the cup, he turned the sink on, glad that at the least the asshole had put a filtering unit on the sink, flipping it on so he could get some water. Drinking the water slowly, calming his stomach and clearing his brain a bit more, Tony stared at his reflection in what looked to be unbreakable glass.


He had a bad feeling about the room and what it had been used for before, an unknown part of the case, especially if the past occupants had been civilians.


Emptying out the cup, Tony turned to the ‘door’, which didn’t have a real visible handle that he could see but since he couldn’t get to it, that didn’t really matter to him. He just wanted to get the idiot close enough to attack him. He could feel the thin wallet that he tended to carry, along with a specialized knife that folded flat like a knife, but looked like a credit card.


If he could somehow get his wallet out and the card out, he would have a weapon to use, well used to unfolding and folding it into a knife. Had to do it a few times before in the line of work that he had taken on.


Reginald Smith was a good looking man, Tony could admit to that much as the man stepped inside and pushed the door closed behind him. His hair was trimmed neatly, still the black that it had been before he had been changed over, and he had blue eyes that had only darkened with time from his original robins blue eye color. His face was still strong, youthful in an unnatural way.


His body though was broad of shoulder, strong and built that only came from training, from building the muscle even on a ship out to sea for months on end. He was undeniably a vampire though and one that fed often on humans.


“So, Reggy, nice to meet ya,” Tony drawled, assessing the situation and calling up all of the information that he could remember about the vampire before him. Outside of being narcissistic, he had a high IQ and had been training to be on a team that worked out strategies for the Navy. So he had to be fast talking and work his way under the guy’s skin while keeping him off-balance, his focus on everything but his hands.


And the best way was to talk.


“Anthony DiNozzo. Child of a wealthy man, who likes to con people, and the mate of one of my actual targets,” Smith drawled, Tony tilting his head.


“Mate? Me? Nope, sorry, got the wrong guy,” Tony said sliding along the wall, keeping an eye on the vampire. Smith just sneered and shook his head, putting down a basket of food onto the ground. “I take it that you’re at the least going to feed me?” he asked, sliding along the wall, hands tucked behind his back and working out his wallet enough to get to the knife.


He carefully kept his emotions under control at finding it partially unfolded. Ziva had probably snagged his wallet again and started to play with it while he had been doing something away from his desk. And since he never really noticed it before, it hadn’t been a bad thing. This time.


“Of course I am going to feed you, Anthony,” Smith purred in that odd way that most vampires had. It was a good mimic but it didn’t have the smoothness that came with time and practice. “You are much prettier than the last occupant that I had in here,” he admitted as he ran his eyes over Tony.


Tony bit at his inner lip to stop himself from sneering, feeling dirty all of a sudden from the one look. “So you did keep people in here. Let me guess, it’s on wheels?” he asked.


Smith smiled, eyes half lidded. “Oh yes, indeed it is. It’s not that big and I have a special permit under various names to move it about the country as I wish to. Everything in here is designed to be as lightweight as possible while still keeping my current guest out of sight from those who would take them away. That would remove my meals after all and it’s so hard to find the right kind of meal.”


“Let me guess...You find some runaway, young adult at least, and kidnap them? Then you feed on them whenever you need a nibble and you’re not draining your so called boyfriends?” Tony asked, shaking his head with a huff. “That just makes you a very bad boyfriend now doesn’t that? Both the draining and sticking your fangs in someone that isn’t your partner.”


Smith sneered before getting himself under control, much to Tony’s visible amusement.


“Do you know what will happen to you? Not only when Gibbs gets to you, but when Elder Marson gets to you?” Tony asked, smirking at him as he leant against the wall, fingers working the knife into shape and dancing over the leather manacle. Trying in some way to figure out just how to get out them.


The dark look on Smith’s face told him that it was probably a good idea to do that now instead of later.

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