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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 4

Characters: Tony, McGee, Gibbs, Ziva

Word Count: 1,586

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: murder scene

AN: Ah, it's so nice being on a proper schedule. It really is. *sighs all happy like* Anyways, this chapter is going to push the plot forward a little so it will be quite a bit of fun to see how you guys react.






“We all here?” Gibbs asked, looking over the group that was standing before him. Along with his own people, there was also Gyer’s group who were looking decidedly disgruntled about losing their case, but still happy not to have to work on it. Seeing that both Tony and Ziva were there and ready to work on the case, he nodded his head. “Very good. Alright, I need your team to go over what they found with mine,” he told Gyer, getting a nod with a smirk from the taller male.


“Not a problem, Agent Gibbs,” Gyer said, nodding to his people. The three men scowled but still nodded to Tony and Ziva, leading them into the room and going over what they had done so far. One had already gone over the bathroom for the most part, while one had focused on the front area and the other had started to work on the dressers and table that was a part of the room.


Once they had finished that, and had transferred evidence over, Tony and Ziva shared a look, noticing that the body had been taken away already. Tony took over the main bedroom area while Ziva went to redo the bathroom.


As he carefully went over the area, Tony found several hairs that had a distinctive shine that most vampiric hair had when the vampire in question was killing his meals. It was an odd quirk and one that was a good indication if they had the right person. He had noticed a few shiny haired vampires when McGee and him had been creating connection, and had been told that they were on a watch list.


After so many purposeful kills, the vampires in question was taken out. But only if the kills were actually murder. There were a few of them that did mercy killings but they were still watched just in case they went off track, which was a possibility.


With how much shine was still attached to the hairs that he found, the vampire in question had been doing a lot of killings. And if the fact that the poor officer who had been their victims was any indication, he did it because he could and not because it was a mercy killing.


Sighing, he shook his head and started to carefully go over the bed once he was done with the rest of the room, having found more hairs and fingerprints for comparison purposes. He took detailed pictures of each of the blood drops that had escaped in the murder and draining. There were only about four of them and they had to be have been fresh and close to the bedding when they had fallen since they hadn’t splashed very far. Spread a bit, yes, splashed no.


Standing up with a grunt, arms stretching over his back and popping it with another grunt, he continued to go over the bed, finding some stains with a light that made him blush. He knew where they came from but the thought of two men screwing made images that he didn’t want to have at that moment pop up. Shoving those thoughts down for later thinking, he took pictures of the stains with a different lense and with the camera on a tripod as he held the blacklight with one hand and the other moving the camera as needed.


“Are you almost done?” Ziva asked from the bathroom doorway, squinting into the semi-darkness as Tony adjusted the camera once more before taking another picture.


“Just about. You know Gibbs. He wants pictures of everything at a scene. Can you get me a swab? I ran out and I think I found something still wet,” he said. He stepped around the tripod and leant over slightly, squinting at a spot that was still slightly shiny. “Whoever it was, got off before, during, or after the murder. If it’s who I think it is...I would say before and during,” he mused.


“Who?” Ziva asked, narrowing her eyes as he turned off the blacklight before opening the curtains again.


Tony just gave her a look before shaking his head. “You really need to read through some of the specialized cold cases that we have on back file,” he said, standing up. “We’ll find out if it’s who I think it is. It might not be, but you never know,” he said. Ziva huffed and set her case onto the floor to pull out the requested swab.


“You need to stock your case properly,” she said.


“I did. There were just a lot of things to swab,” he stated. He pulled his camera off of his tripod and putting it down onto his case. He then collapsed the tripod down and tucked it into the side pocket of his camera casing. With that done, he took the swab, opened the protective case and swabbed the spot that he had found, closing the case back over it and marking it with his initials.


With the swab in his case, he pulled out three folded up brown evidence bag and wrote what he was putting into it. He then stripped the wadded up bedding at the end of the bed, the sheets and the pillow cases, placing them into their own evidence bags before sealing them. “Are you done now?” Ziva asked, looking impatient.


Gibbs walked in and raised an eyebrow as he closed his notepad, having been talking with the shaken front desk clerk. “DiNozzo?” he asked.


Tony stood after closing his case and shook his head. “Four spots of blood but that’s it for that. Found a spot of what I’m guessing is semen, and a lot of stains on the bedding. I bagged and tagged everything that I did find,” he said. “I’m done now though.”


“Good work. David?” He looked over to Ziva and raised an eyebrow at the fact that she had walked back into the bathroom to gather three large plastic evidence bags with mostly dry towels.


“I was able to lift a few more prints from the walls of the shower. I also carefully packed up the soap that was in the shower since there are a couple of prints on the top of it. I thought that we could possibly freeze it and hopefully get detailed pictures of it,” she said, shrugging. “I believe that Abby was talking about a technique that she can do with some of her lights and a good camera.”


“Good. Let’s get going. McGee just called to tell me that Ducky has the basic results of the autopsy,” he said, nodding his head to their cars and the evidence van that he was driving instead of Gyer. Gyer had taken his car ahead to headquarters while his team had taken the other van to turn it back in.


“Right, boss,” Tony said, loading the evidence into the back of the can and signing it over to Gibbs for the transport. With that done, he nodded to their boss and slid into his car, Ziva doing the same and heading in, both of them stopping through a coffee shop drive through to get some much needed coffee.


Walking into the bullpen, the found Gibbs standing with McGee as they unloaded the boxes that were a part of the Reginald Smith files, splitting them amongst the three desks.


“I take it that it is Smith this time?” Tony asked, sighing as he dropped his bag down and put his scene case down next to it. He would refill it soon enough he knew but he wasn’t looking forward to going through the files.


“Yes, it is. It’s his MO,” Gibbs stated, shaking his head. “The autopsy has been done. Here’s the preliminary results,” he said, nodding to McGee who pulled up the pictures and started to go over his notes. Once he was done, he looked a bit green around the gills but was holding up well enough, making Gibbs nod in approval.


“So who is this Smith? Really?” Ziva asked, crossing her arms with narrowed eyes.


“He was an old buddy of mine,” Gibbs said, shaking his head. “And he went nuts a long time ago. I’m hoping that we’ll catch the fucker now.”


“So am I, boss, especially since it’s looking like he’s picking up speed,” Tony sighed, holding up the last file that had been dated just six months ago. “He’s multi-tasking. Do you think he’s planning something big?” he asked. “He’s always been out to get at you however he can.”


“Think?” Gibbs snorted, rubbing at his face. “I don’t think he is, I know he is. Start going through the files, compare to the new case. Make sure it’s airtight. I want him put down like the rabid dog that he is,” he instructed.


Tony looked at his boss for a long moment before nodding and turning to pick up his case, waving it and heading down to supplies. McGee sighed and got onto his laptop, logging into his IM’s and seeing who was up to talk about possible information. Ziva scowled but sat down to start going over the files and start to write up what she already knew. Gibbs growled lowly and sat down, picking up the cup that Tony had left behind, knowing that he was going to need it.


He would not stop until Smith was finally taken cared of.

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