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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: Taking Care

Fandom: NCIS

Characters/Pairing: Gibbs, McGee, Tony

Word Count: 563

For: Shadowfaire on ao3

Warnings: Nothing

AN: I am going to write this world. It has been decided. *adds on another story to her already long list* No idea how long it’ll be but it won’t be a mini most likely.






Looking up when Tony slipped in with a smile, Gibbs jerked his head to the bedroom where Gibbs was resting after taking his afternoon meds. Tony smiled at him before juggling the bags in his hands, closing the door behind him with a soft snick. He carried the groceries that McGee had asked him to pick up for him from a special store, having sent some money. 


The store had a few things that he couldn’t get in a major grocery store, like all natural soups that was made in house. Tony had gotten a bit more of it since he knew that McGee wasn’t going to be eating anything solid for a good three days. He had laryngitis before and it sucked during the first three days. After that, McGee would eat the soups with cooked soft vegetables. 


Sniffing, he raised an eyebrow at the broth that was slowly cooling, waiting for the fat to be skimmed off of the top. “Did he stand and make soup?” he asked, nearly hissing as he looked around the shelves. 


Gibbs snorted and stood up, Butch, who had been hiding in the bedroom when Gibbs had arrived, groaning when his head was lifted off of the man’s lap. “No. I did. And this mooch tried to get me to feed him some of that chicken,” he said. “If that recipe didn’t have some of the stuff it does, I woulda given him some of the broth, meat and veggies,” he said.


Tony eyed Butch, getting a moan from the dog before he took over the couch with a wiggle as Gibbs walked around the shelves. “Good thing I got him some of his favorite food from the counter,” he drawled, pulling back to put the fresh raw livers and other raw meat away. He had helped McGee find a proper vet for the dog after all and knew what Butch could and could not have. Abby had tried to complain about the fact that he was being raw fed before Gibbs had had a very quiet conversation with her about what would happen with her in regards to McGee from then on.


Gibbs hummed as he unpacked the food. “I suppose we can spoil him a little,” he said, talking about dog and owner. They heard McGee get up and stagger into the bathroom, the door shutting behind him. “He just took meds, and from what I remember they make him piss more,” he said.


Tony hummed, pulling out the specialized mix for water and juice that he had grabbed from McGee’s pharmacy. “And I thought I had odd medical needs,” he muttered, making up a half gallon of the mix before marking the bottle as such. Gibbs snorted and worked around Tony as he skimmed the fat from the soup and broth, tossing it into a special jar to be used for other things at his house. Tony put the food he had bought away before doing inventory, making a list for McGee to go over.


They stopped when they heard the toilet flushed, the sink turned on and then off, then McGee stagger back to his bed and flop down. Butch was quick to join his human in bed, getting a muffled, graveled groan before soft snores cotinued. The two older men shared an amused look and turned back to their own work.


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