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Title: Give Me

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 5 of 5

Characters: Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, McGee, Abby

Word Count: 1390

For: Cutsycat

Warnings: nothing

AN: It is late but that's because I've been ewwww all damn day. So here is the last chapter. Enjoy all.




“Come on, Ziva, why won’t you tell me what you saw?” Abby pouted, getting a soft groan from Ziva as the other woman nursed a slight hangover. She hadn’t ever believed that a person could be hungover for over a day, but three days after she had gotten so smashed that Abby had worried about alcohol poisoning, and she was still dealing with the headache.


“Because, Abby,” she started, sighing softly into her cup of tea, “it traumatized me. It would most likely turn you on and McGee, Palmer, Tony, nor Gibbs would be willing to help you with that problem. And I know for a fact that your favorite play thing is in the shop for a new motor.” Abby blushed slightly at that, remembering how they had had that conversation earlier about Abby’s toys.


“But I still wanna know,” Abby huffed, crossing her arms as she sat back in her chair in the break room. Tony shook his head and poured coffee, wondering if the women knew that he could hear their conversation or not. He highly doubted it since Abby obviously thought she was being sneaky and Ziva was just in too much pain to give a fuck. It was kind of amusing, really.


Shaking his head, Tony poured himself and Gibbs some of the coffee, sweetening his own and making a note to run out to get some real coffee for them when he could get away. They didn’t have any cases currently, so he was working his way through some of the cold cases in his file cabinet again. Some of them were about to become ancient in the grand scheme of things, so he was mostly inputting the information into the servers while creating new reports for the physical file.


But he was being highly amused by the way that Ziva was acting. When she had gotten in that morning, she had taken one look at him and flushed, ever so slightly, before she had looked at Gibbs. Tony didn’t think that the word ‘tomato’ could do her color justice. After getting a cocked eyebrow from the man, she had gone to hide behind her desk, piling her files enough to create a nice fortress.


They had heard the pill bottle being used once she had created her fortress but left her to work.


He and Gibbs had exchanged wondering looks while McGee had snorted at his computer, already working on his own files.


Since then, they had watched Ziva hide from them, going off with Abby around lunch to get food before coming back to the break room where they had settled in to talk. And apparently it was about them.


Abby finally pouted and ate another small sushi roll, Ziva picking at some light right and sauce with strips of chicken. Apparently their Goth tech was going to give up for the moment especially since Ziva had pulled out the pink tablets once more to help her calm her stomach.


“Damnit,” Abby huffed, Ziva giving in and rolling her eyes much to Tony’s amusement.


Taking the coffee, he left the break room and headed back to their section of the office, handing Gibbs his coffee. “Apparently Ziva saw something that sent her running for the alcohol. And a lot of it if she’s still feeling it today,” he drawled.


Gibbs just raised an eyebrow as he took the coffee. “Ten to one she was the one who left the marks in the soil we found.” Tony nodded as he leant against Gibbs’ desk, staring at the screen. “Do you think that she saw much?”


“I’m guessing no, but probably enough to tell her exactly what we get up to in our spare time,” Tony said, hiding his lips behind his cup before looking down at his lover with a cocked eyebrow. “I have to wonder why she was there in the first place though. We’re not that obvious are we? Ducky is pretty much the only one who knows about us though I keep thinking that McGee knows something that he’s not telling.”


“That’s because I do,” McGee drawled, having caught the last part as he came back into the bullpen with a bag of food in hand. “As promised, lunch for us,” he continued holding up the bag. “Are you two talking about Ziva and Abby stalking you two to figure out what’s been going on with you guys?” he asked as he placed the bag on some free space of Gibbs’ desk.


“Yeah.” Tony eyed McGee as the other man pulled out a couple bags of chips, a small fruit salad bowl, and a sandwich with condiments in tiny sealed bowls to hand to Gibbs. “What do you know?”


“What? You don’t think that someone who plays in that world can’t spot another?” McGee asked, giving Tony an odd look. “At least I’m a little more observant than you. Or I should say that I’m a little better at hiding myself,” he continued, shrugging one shoulder.


“What are you going to do with that knowledge though?” Gibbs asked as he laid his food out into a simple line, taking the plastic utensils and napkins offered.


McGee smiled slightly as he pulled out the sandwich, chips, condiments, and yogurt and fruit parfait that he had gotten Tony. “I’m going to do what I have been doing since I figured it out,” he said, handing the items over. “I’m not going to do anything with it. It’s a personal thing and as such has nothing to do with our working lives. I know that the two of you won’t carry over your personal to the office, so I’m not worried. But if you ever try, I’m holding the right to go to Ducky and have him chew you both out.”


“I can work with that,” Tony agreed, shrugging as he took his food to his desk, putting them down. “So tell me, McGee, what do you mean by those two stalking us?” he asked.


“Both of them noticed that there are a lot less head slaps than normal.” Sitting down, McGee popped the lid on his pineapple chunks, thinking heavily to himself. “I know that they tried to get Palmer into helping them but he refused. He’s of the same mind that no one needs to know about what you two do as long as it doesn’t mess with your professional lives,” he continued, shrugging.


“Well that’s good. And I’m thinking that Ziva won’t be sneaking around my house for the foreseeable future,” Gibbs snickered as he opened his food up. Tony chuckled and nodded his head, the three men putting their sandwiches together.


They were halfway through their lunches when Ziva came back, looking a bit better, but still in need of some aspirin. And probably in need of some intense therapy to get past what she had seen. Tony snickered slightly as he sat back, reading a file as he worked to ignore her for the moment. He had no doubt that she would come to a decision about their relationship, but he had some doubts if it would be the right decision.


Looking over at Gibbs, who was watching Ziva closely when he wasn’t eating or working on a file himself, he decided that leaving it up to the other man would be a good idea. Tony knew that the other man had a way of tugging her leash to get her to do what he wanted, especially after working with her for nearly three years.


Smirking to himself, he turned back to his lunch, chewing as he filled in various fields on the computer version of the forms. He knew that things would be interesting for a while yet, and he was going to enjoy every single moment of it. Even as Gibbs got up and asked for Ziva to come with him to get some real coffee.


Tony shook his head and went back to lunch as he continued his way through the files. Yeah, Gibbs would make sure that she understood that their personal lives were just that. And then he would talk with Abby, tell her to butt out until they were willing to discuss their lives. If ever.

It was looking good.

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