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Disclaimer: I do not, nor will I ever, make any money off of this story. I do not own NCIS or the Avengers. I do not own in anyway any person that is in this story.

Title: What is Mine

Fandom: NCIS

Chapter: 2

Characters: Tony, some McGee and Ziva

Word Count: 1,356

For: CutsyCat

Warnings: nothing

AN: And here's chapter 2! I'm rather pleased with the reception this story has gotten. :D Thank you all so far for your reviews and I hope you keep enjoying.




Sighing to the quiet of his apartment as he closed the door behind him, Tony dropped his bag down onto the ground next to it, not caring about the work files that was in it. All he wanted to do at the moment was sit down and relax for the next few days. They had just pulled a three-day shift to catch some idiot vampire who had become blood drunk and gone after his own wife.


They were holding him, but they had no doubt that he would be dealing with the near killing of his wife and earlier, his friend.


Tony groaned before he pulled off his jacket finally and dropped it into the hamper that he kept near the door for his dry cleaning, making a note to get that done later. When he could actually focus properly. His tie landed on top of the jacket as he headed for his bedroom, stopping in his living room to turn his TV onto something music like for the moment.


It didn’t take him very long to undress once in his room, take a very hot, very long shower, dress into a pair of sweatpants and a shirt, and start a load of his regular laundry that had piled up in the last month. He ordered a dinner of pasta, garlic bread, pizza, and soda from his favorite delivery place, paying for it when it arrived forty-five minutes later after he had switched out loads.


Flopping down onto his couch with a groan, cup of soda in one hand, plate of food in the other, Tony turned on a movie instead as he settled in.


But without fail, his mind turned to his team and the thoughts that had been plaguing him lately. McGee’s face floated past his mind’s eye, making him smile slightly as he put his cup down to the side on a coaster. He was actually starting to loosen up, mostly because of his connections in the supernatural world. You didn’t learn how to calm them down much less navigate that world without relaxing about life in general.


True, the guy was still picky about a few things, but knowing about how McGee’s school life had gone for him, that was understandable. Hell, even when he had been brand new, Tony could see just why Gibbs had chosen McGee as their main computer geek.


Though, in regards to him, Tony was starting to kind of worry about the way that Abby was acting towards him. She did her usual thing with everyone, but when around McGee, she was starting to act off. She would stare at him before she huffed off or just ignored him. The attitude that she had had started right around the time that one Elder had show some interest in their adorable geek.


He would have to talk with Gibbs about what was going on with her the next time that they talked.


Sighing, he dropped his half empty plate onto the table and grabbed the vibrating phone that sat on it, before answering the text from McGee for a night out with a ‘thanks but no thanks’. Setting his phone so that only McGee and Gibbs could get through to him, already knowing that Ziva would call and bitch about him not coming, Tony went back to his food and movie.


His thoughts turned to the one person on the team that Gibbs hadn’t chosen himself.


He had seen their boss growl loudly at her, beyond angry with her for some new snaffu that had ended up taking him and McGee both to fix again. She hated that they worked with the supernatural community, created or not, and she showed it in the way that she related in regards to their victims. And even the way she acted with their connections.


She also tended to push all of their buttons in various ways. Tony, for a short time, had actually respected her, but things had happened and changed, and she hadn’t reacted well to it.


Since then, he had worked to put out a good act, trying to ignore her as much as he could possibly do so. She was also another person that Tony would have to talk with Gibbs about and what to do with her.


Now Gibbs...Gibbs was something on a whole ‘nother level of thought. When Tony had first met with him all those years ago, he hadn’t been to sure about how to feel with the way the man had acted. He had been cool but fiery, forceful in making sure that they got out of their predicament in one piece. Even then he had felt respect for the man and what he did.


After he had joined up with NCIS under Gibbs’ command, he found that he really did like working for them. The head slaps were annoying, true, but hey, that was nothing compared to what he had dealt with at past jobs. When it came down to it, Gibbs had his back just as Tony had his back, and there was a lot of mutual respect that went on between them.


Even all of the vampires that they dealt with said they could tell that it was there. Even though they had looked highly amused about something when they said it, he believed their words.


Finishing with his dinner, Tony was broken from his thoughts when his doorbell rang just as his washer dinged. Frowning with a groan, he checked his phone and found a warning text from McGee about an incoming Ziva that he had missed while thinking. “Fuck, what does she want now?” he grumped as he stood up and walked over to the door. Pulling it open, he found a scowling Ziva with a visibly unhappy Palmer and McGee who was standing behind her. “Yes?”


“Why are you not coming out with us?” she demanded, looking over his shoulder with a scowl. “Do you have one of your women over here?” she asked.


McGee scowled, the look rather fierce on him since he had been learning from Gibbs for quite some time. Jimmy just shook his head with a sigh, rubbing at his nose. Tony groaned at her words and rubbed over his own face with a frown on his lips.


“Fuck, Ziva, I said that i didn’t want to go out because I damn well didn’t want to go the fuck out. I’m going to staying in, eat some good pasta and pizza while watching a movie, and forget the last two weeks, okay?” he growled, his eyebrow twitching. “Why the hell did you drive over?”


Ziva scowled and crossed her arms under her breasts. “You did not answer my phone call,” she said, frowning at him when he gave her a bored look.


“That would be because I set my phone up to allow only McGee, work, and Gibbs to be able to call through for the next couple of days. I want to relax. Alone. At home. Catch up on things like laundry,” Tony told her.


Ziva’s sneer set him on edge. “Oh, so you’ll allow your little master to call you whenever he decides that he wishes for your ass, but you will ignore a call from a friend?” she hissed.


Standing straight and rigidly, Tony glared at her. “You had best hope that Gibbs doesn’t hear about what you just said any time soon because what just said is against so many rules. For now, I do suggest that you go home, get some rest, and forget that you just accused me of sleeping with a fellow agent,” he said, voice cold. “Good night, McGee, Palmer.”


The two men nodded at him before Tony closed the door on them, resting his forehead against it as he locked it, blowing out a slow breath.

What Ziva had just suggested had hit way too close to him. He knew that if Gibbs ever called up with an offer of amazing, mind-blowing sex, he would jump at the change. But then again, being in love tended to make a person rather stupid.

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